The face of downtown is changing in ways not seen for decades. We are breaking ground on new residential, commercial, hospitality and civic developments that are bringing new energy to the city centre. It is a multi-year period of redevelopment that includes;
  • A new multi-family modern condominium development with underground parking across from City Hall.
  • The opening of a new Marriott hotel.
  • The development of a proposed new hotel on 6th Avenue between Quebec and Dominion Streets.
  • The design and construction of a new pool to replace the Four Seasons.
  • The design and construction of a new front entrance for the Bob Harkins Branch of the Prince George Public Library.
  • The development of a new park next to the Wood Innovation and Design Centre.
  • The completion of UNBC’s Wood Innovation Research Lab.
  • A new location for the Prince George Farmers Market 1310 – 3rd Avenue (the intersection of 3rd and Quebec) which is the future location of a new arts-based community centre.