Improving walkability in cities has shown to positively impact local economies, improve safety and provide health benefits. In the case of downtown Prince George, it can also be a really fun way to spend some leisure time.

In the past several years the city has invested in initiatives to help rejuvenate the downtown neighbourhood, attract new businesses and bring more foot traffic to the area. Whether it’s time for socializing or to experience fresh air and relaxation, there are many spots for pedestrians to visit such as restaurants, retails shops, and local parks or trails – all within a small distance of one another.

A short walk downtown can accomplish a lot. Running quick errands such as banking and groceries and getting some fresh air at Connaught Hill or Duchess Park might all get done in a lunch hour. Weekends may include a walk through the farmer’s market for local produce and time for coffee at one of the many nearby cafés. An evening of live music at a handful of downtown venues may follow dinner and beer tasting at the local microbrewery, each a few blocks away.

As one Prince George resident puts it, “My pedestrian life is a way of getting out when I don’t have time for more formal types of socializing.”